Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Aidifitri Experiences....

During my aidilfitri for this year a lot of things was happened. Actually it is a first aidifitri that I celebrated not for a month. I only celebrated it just for a few days. The first aidifitri I celebrated it in my hometown at Muar, Johor with my family. I get "duit raya" from my relative. Huuhu, although I only get it only a few my relative but I still enjoyed it. I also celebrated hari raya with went to my relative house. Although we not meet for a long time but we still can enjoyed and celebrated aidilfitri together. It also the time that we can make a close relationship and share a lot of things together.

Monday, August 4, 2008


As we know, English is most important whether as a student or an employee, but not all the people have a good skill in English. Majority of them lack of knowledge and do not have initiative to improve it. Actually, there are many ways to improve English especially for UiTMT students.
The one way how the student can improve their English is by communicating with their friends. Although, they are not communicate with a good pronunciation or a good sentence but when they always practice they can improve their English together. So, the group of members can help each other to use the good sentence and language. When it is happen they can reduce their mistakes and they feel more comfortable to use English properly.
Beside that, students can improve their English by watching English movies. Now, there are a lot of English movies. They can watch them to to improve their English. Actually, we cannot learn all the things but it is a right way they can increase their English skill.
The last way is though reading English materials such as newspaper and magazine. Although, it is so hard to practice it among the students but the one way that they ca follow is by reading the material at the library, or share with their members. It is not only can save their budget but they can learnt a lot of things such as they can develop their English abilities.
As a conclucion, actually we have a lot of ways to settle the problems but it is actually defend to the individual to use it or not. So, as a student we should have a initiative to improve their English.

Monday, July 21, 2008

What had I learn today?

Hmm, what i had learnt today? Actually, a lot of things that I learn today about grammar. From their presentation I can more understand how to use the things that I can't understand before this..

Monday, July 14, 2008


Hye..! My name is Nuraini Zatulliyah.. Just call me aini and my family call me 'along' it's because I'm the first in my family. I live at Segamat, Johor but now I study at UiTMT... Stay here is different from staying in hometown..Especially their food, town, and dialects.. That's all about me, but if you want to know about me just log on to my blog..!